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Dr. Qaiser Rehman Online Reviews

I have had Psoriasis for most of my life and put up with all of the symptoms and problems that go with this embarrassing ailment. When I started experiencing the pain of Psoriatic Arthritis I was referred to Dr. Rehman and from the first visit my Psoriasis has cleared up completely and the infusions he prescribed have stopped the progression of the painful Arthritic condition which has left me and I am totally pain free. In the spa like environment, Dr. Rehman approaches his patients with razor sharp medical knowledge and a humanity that lets you know he genuinely cares.

- Jim Hartman


I love Dr.Rehman and staff. I have rheumatoid arthritis that I began seeing him for originally but as other things have come up like breast cancer he has worked closely with my other doctors to make sure I am doing well all around.
The office always gets me in quickly and I don’t have problems getting my medications. I like that I feel safe with this doctor.

- Michelle Bridgman


One of the most caring and personal Doctors Ive ever been in the care of. On top of a fantastic staff of whom I have grown very attached too. They make you feel like a person rather than a number and I couldn’t ask for more. My ailments have come under the best control they have ever been since seeing Dr. Rehman. High recommendation.

- Michael Hendrix


I highly recommend Dr. Q Rehman. He takes time to listen and ask questions, and never seems rushed. He is clearly an experienced and knowledgeable doc, explains things extremely well, and is warm, welcoming, and caring. The waiting time has always been acceptable, and the doctor keeps good notes about previous visits.

- Nancy Johnston